Who Hires a Probate Attorney?

Time to Hire a Probate Attorney

Faced with the role of executor or trustee can be daunting. Deadlines, beneficiaries, debts and demands hearings, and more can truly be overwhelming if you do not have any experience with probate administration in Virginia. It may be time to hire counsel to assist you with the administration of a probate estate.

Understanding the Executors Roles

In general, if the decedent has a will, an executor will be directed to follow the directions outlined in the document and also the procedures outlined in the Code of Virginia to ensure all debts and creditors have been paid if there are sufficient assets. But what happens with an unhappy beneficiary or if a will needs to be challenged due to some irregularities? Trained legal counsel may be able to assist.

Often, the basic marshaling of assets and meeting accounting and inventory deadlines can be daunting to anyone. With counsel assisting, the executor or administrator will ensure compliance with state law and further reduce the chances of personal liability for inappropriate action or misuse of funds, and additionally limits the likelihood that beneficiaries will become disgruntled and challenge your work.

Challenges of Clarity

Unique issues can arise as well, including ambiguous language in a will that requires a filing called a Bill for Aid and Direction. Also, there may be situations where a decedent has competing instruments, as in a will and trust, that do not act in concert together and require legal opinions on what assets are held by the probate or trust estate.

Legal Counsel in Northern VA and Piedmont Region

The attorneys at Ashwell & Ashwell have decades of experience guiding clients through legal troubles. When you are faced with the administration of a probate estate, or needed assistance with the administration, or raise issues and concerns with the administration of a probate or trust estate, call the attorneys at Ashwell & Ashwell to help you throughout Northern Virginia and the Piedmont region.