Land Use and Zoning

  • Land Use and Zoning Applications
  • Disputes

Ashwell & Ashwell attorneys have strong relationships with local governments and planning commissions who respect our attention to detail and knowledge of Virginia and local-area land use law. This accelerates our ability to prepare and submit your land use and zoning application with the best chance of winning approval. If you’re involved in a land-use dispute, we’re formidable advocates for protecting your rights—and how your property is used.

Streamlining the Land Use and Zoning Process

  • Initial consultation: We’ll identify what’s involved with your land use or zoning application or dispute, including realistic assessments of the likely timeline and costs.
  • Preparation: Ashwell & Ashwell prepares and submits a land use/zoning application on your behalf. If a dispute is involved, we gather the most compelling evidence and build the strongest legal approach for protecting your interests. Thanks to this thorough preparation, we can go into court or before planning commissions quietly confident we are both ready.
  • Performance: We have an excellent track record in land use/zoning cases and focus 100% of our expertise and knowledge of land use law on winning clients the absolute best outcomes.