Criminal Law

  • Drug offenses
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Domestic violence and protective orders
  • Expungement and restoration of gun rights
  • Sex crimes
  • Theft
  • Felony/drug DUI
  • Serious traffic offenses, including reckless driving and vehicular homicide 

From misdemeanors to felonies, Ashwell & Ashwell attorneys’ deliver the highest-caliber defense for clients facing criminal charges that have life-changing consequences. There is no guesswork: we have encountered virtually every scenario. Greg Ashwell’s experience not only as a defense attorney but as a state prosecutor and District Court judge help Ashwell & Ashwell attorneys anticipate how judges and juries will view a case—and what evidence and strategies are crucial to securing the best possible outcome for our client.

Streamlining the Criminal Law Process

  • Initial consultation: We’ll identify the merits and challenges of your case and map the path forward, including realistic assessments of the likely timeline and costs.
  • Case preparation: Ashwell & Ashwell conducts research and discovery to gather the most compelling evidence and then build the strongest legal approach for the prosecution and court experience you’re likely to face.
  • Client preparation: Our attorneys use their expertise with previous cases like yours to minimize surprises. Thanks to this thorough preparation, we walk into court alongside you, quietly confident we are both ready.
  • Before the court: Count on our absolute professionalism and proven performance. And, because we know the negative way judges and juries view aggressive attorneys, you can also count on us to use the power of civility to win your case greater respect and, likely, a better outcome.