• Chapter 7
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 13
  • Virginia-specific bankruptcy processes

From medical costs to business disruptions, it’s all too easy for you or your business to hit a financial wall. When that happens, do you seek debt relief or turn to bankruptcy? Ashwell & Ashwell’s expertise in bankruptcy can help you make the best decision, and stay with you through the entire process.  From protecting you against creditor harassment, wage garnishment, and property loss, to getting back on track, our expertise can make the difference in how you recover and how long it takes.

Streamlining the Debt Relief or Bankruptcy Decision

  • Initial consultation: We’ll identify the merits and challenges of your situation and recommend whether the best path forward is debt relief or bankruptcy (and which type).
  • Guidance through the process: Ashwell & Ashwell use their expertise with previous bankruptcies to minimize both surprises and stress for you. Thanks to this thorough preparation, we walk into bankruptcy court alongside you, quietly confident we are both ready.