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Ashwell & Ashwell focuses the full attention of top Virginia attorneys not just on representing you, but on defending your interests in legal challenges, minor to major.

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Will Ashwell has successfully litigated and represented clients in a wide range of cases, locally and before the highest state and federal courts.

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Greg Ashwell has served as defense counsel, state prosecutor and Virginia District Court judge.

This 360-degree background lays the foundation for stronger representation: anticipating what prosecutors will do, how judges will view a case, what juries will find compelling, what sections of the legal code apply and what evidence will make the difference.

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Clients choose Ashwell & Ashwell because of our track record — from traffic cases and juvenile court to complex real estate issues and capital murder. By focusing 100% of our expertise on preparing cases and clients we can deliver better outcomes … and a better experience every step of the way.


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Despite the caliber of expertise, our attorneys are approachable, down-to-earth and unfailingly civil—during preparation and in court. And while we don’t charge more than other local-area practices, we do cover more ground for those legal fees. By pairing new technology with our depth of experience, we accelerate the process to help clients efficiently resolve a wide range of legal challenges.

Recent Notable Cases

Albemarle Circuit Court Horse Racing Trust Litigation

Represented members of the Foxfield Racing Association, Inc. in resolving a dispute over the future of the races and development of the properties held by the Association.

Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Challenged the government’s unconstitutional search of a litigant’s home and property based on the single click of an internet link, sparking a 100-page dissent and gaining international attention of internet civil liberties groups in United States v Bosyk.

Multi-Million Dollar Land Acquisition

Represented non-profit in multi-million dollar land acquisition and negotiated with municipality to ensure affordable housing remained in place for hundreds of families.

Six-figure Personal Injury Claim

Obtained a defense verdict on a six-figure personal injury claim after conclusion of the Plaintiff’s evidence during a motion to strike.

Trade Secrets Matter

Obtained a dismissal of an injunction and complaint for damages of a trade secrets matter.

Virginia Court of Appeals: Commonwealth v. Spell

Successfully appealed a jury verdict finding a client guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor resulting in reversal and dismissal of the indictment in Commonwealth v Spell.

Virginia Supreme Court: Chacey v. Garvey

In reversing the trial court’s award of attorney’s fees, attorneys of Ashwell & Ashwell set aside a six figure sum which resulted in a net positive award for their client on remand. Chacey v. Garvey set a legal precedent that for attorney’s fees to be recoverable, the General Assembly must clearly, precisely and unambiguously declare its intention to do so. This precedent-setting case prompted the Virginia General Assembly to act by clarifying the statute at issue.

Virginia Supreme Court: Shepherd v. Conde

Represented clients in precedent establishing case of Shepherd v Conde, clarifying the powers under the Virginia Property Owner’s Association Act.

Virginia Supreme Court: Weatherholt v. Commonwealth

Argued against a defendant’s denial of his Sixth Amendment right to counsel after the suspension of trial counsel during critical stages of the prosecution in Weatherholt v. Commonwealth.

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